NEW GAME – 2 Pongs Pro is ready, Updates delayed until late March

Some 2 Pongs players respond to us that they love the game but they want to see a same application with no ads, more game modes and more relax. Therefore, we decide build a 2 Pongs premium version.

IMG_0219 copy
The screenshot of 2 Pongs PRO’s homescreen.

2 Pongs PRO highlights:

  • 4 game modes
  • No Ads
  • Price: $0.99

The game has been submitted and officially available on the App Store after 7-12 days from now.

A bad news, updates of Can You Tap 100%? and 2 Pongs (free version) are delayed until late March 🙁

About our running game: we’ve completed the demo and been trying to balance. This is a our important project, so we want everything perfect for it 🙂 The game is expected to submit on the App Store in early April 2016!

Thank you for your interest and sorry for the delay!

LittleFire Studio team

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